Kenyan Comedian Who Went Viral For Eating a Bat Says He is Coughing Blood

  • Steve Muthomi
    A collage of Tiktoker Steve Muthomi and a bat
  • A Kenyan comedian who has garnered millions of views for consuming unorthodox products now says he has been coughing blood after a TikTok stunt where he ate a bat. 

    Steve Alvin Muthomi, popularly known as the King of Mugaka, has complained of several pains after the stunt that has so far generated 927,000 views on Tiktok alone. 

    A running nose for hours, chest pains, fever, sore throat, flu, and coughing blood are some of the side effects Muthomi experienced shortly after devouring the small animal. 

    He narrated that he also lost his voice as a result of the flu. 

    Steve Muthomi with a plate of food he made
    Steve Muthomi is pictured with a plate of food he made.
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    The comedian announced that he did not intend on eating a bat but after it was trapped in his house he got creative and made content for his 209.3k followers. 

    The video attracted attention on social media, most questioning his sanity and whether he knew the effects of eating such foods. 

    "Those around me were worried at first some even questioning my sanity. They would ask me if I was under the influence of any drug. I always reassure them it is purely work-related," Muthomi explained. 

    At the onset of the pandemic, some scientists suggested that eating bats from the Wuhan live animals market may have been the source of the disease that has troubled the world for nearly three years. 

    Some of the symptoms quoted by the comedian are common among victims of the coronavirus. 

    He explained that although his content usually involves the consumption of unconventional foods such as rats and moles, none of the other things he had consumed in the past affected his health.

    Unknowingly some of his friends consumed a mole he had prepared and Muthomi claimed that none of them experienced side effects.

    Muthomi explained that his content is majorly meant to entertain and that he targets university students. He has vowed to eat anything suggested by any of his followers.

    Before the end of the year, Muthomi is seeking to eat a snake, a snail, a squirrel, and houseflies. His online following is curious to see how far Steve goes with his daring attitude. 

    The comedian intimated that despite the health scare, he would eat a bat if given a second chance as it was delicious and he was still uncertain whether eating the bat is to be blamed for the symptoms. Muthomi promised that after conducting research and verifying the bat had nothing to do with his symptoms, he would provide his followers with a new recipe.

    "I will continue making content for followers. I will eat anything they ask me to, I have received more than 20 requests asking me to eat a snake", he said.

    He concluded by urging Kenyans to explore other delicacies that the rest of the world relies on - giving the example of snakes that are consumed in foreign countries like China.

    a bat
    A bat, an onion and a tomato pictured before Muthomi cooked the bat
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