Mother of Viral Street Boy Rescued by Childhood Friend Speaks on His Death

A collage image of Patrick Hinga and Wanja Mwaura in 2018.
A collage image of Patrick Hinga and Wanja Mwaura in 2018.

Nancy Wanjiru, the mother of a street boy who went viral in 2018 after being rescued by his childhood friend, has for the first time opened up on the circumstances surrounding his death.

Speaking to NTV on Friday, July 15, Wanjiru revealed that Patrick Hinga's death was as a result of mixing medication with marijuana.

She stated that the doctors had warned Hinga not to use marijuana for a while as he was under strong medication.

A collage image of Nacy Wanjiru during an interview with NTV on July 15, 2022.
A collage image of Nancy Wanjiru during an interview with NTV on July 15, 2022.

Further, Wanjiru opened up about her son's struggles even as she recounted how Hinga was in and out of Mathare hospital for years after struggling with drug addiction.

She divulged that Hinga started using marijuana while in high school, adding that things changed drastically after that.

"I have been through the journey of addiction for 15 years. Hinga started using marijuana at the age of 14 years while he was in Form One," Wanjiru explained.

She stated that Hinga's addiction saw his health deteriorate even as the streets became his second home.

Wanjiru described Wanja Mwaura - Hinga's friend who rescued him from the streets - as a God sent angel who came to rescue them from emotional turmoil.

"It was during his final relapse that Wanja Mwaura posted his images on Facebook and they went viral. I thought it was an answered prayer and I thanked God. For eight months he was okay and I was so happy."

However, Hinga's mom stated that all their efforts proved futile when he returned home after staying at a rehabilitation centre. She urged Kenyans to desist from using drugs noting that addiction was affecting many families.

"After coming from the rehab, he disappeared after one hour. He could go out in clean clothes and come back without any. There were moments when I thought he was doing it intentionally to end his life. I used to cry because there was no nothing to help him.

"At one point it was a struggle as he could go into hiding. That was my life and it was an emotional struggle."

Hinga died in March 2019. While announcing his death, Wanja Mwaura stated that she could not describe her feelings at the time as she had hopes for her friend's recovery.

“With deep sorrow, I want to inform you that Hinga has rested. He passed on this morning (Sunday, March 17). I do not have the strength to say much right now. Rest in peace, my friend,” she stated then.

A file image of various types of drugs.
A file image of various types of drugs.
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