How to Change Your Car's Language from Japanese to English

An image of a Toyota's dashboard.
An image of a Toyota's dashboard.
Toyota Canada

According to data from the World Bank, Japan is one of the major exporters of vehicles to Kenya. In 2019, Kenyans imported 321,150 cars from the South Asian country and the number has steadily grown over the years.

The majority of the car models imported from Japan are Toyotas.

However, more often than not, new car owners face challenges in adjusting the car systems such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is mostly programmed in Japanese or Chinese.

An image of a car's navigation system on a dashboard.
An image of a car's navigation system on a dashboard.
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Here is a guideline on how one can change the language of their car;

1. Switch off the Car

Before changing the language program in the car's system, it is recommended that the car owner should switch off the vehicle to reboot the system.

After switching off the car, one should turn on the vehicle shortly after before changing the language on the menu.

2. Change Language Settings on the Menu

After igniting the car engine, one should locate the language menu on the navigation system - usually put on the dashboard.

In most vehicles, the icon will be named language or LANG. Upon clicking the icon, one can change the system's language to English as default or any other language of their choice.

Upon changing the language, the car should automatically, start functioning in the language chosen.

However, when facing challenges with the language during the process, a motorist can use their phone to help them navigate the system.

"It can be difficult to go through the menu, especially when everything is in Japanese. One of the best workarounds for this is to use the Google Translate app. Go to the Play Store, then download the application on your phone. 

"All you will need to do is use the camera feature of the app and point your smartphone to the words you want to translate. Once you have done this, the language will appear as English on your phone’s screen," advised Car Japan.

Additionally, it is also advisable to get a preferred language disc in the event the system uses DVD drive.

A newly imported Toyota Vitz
A newly imported Toyota Vitz.