Ex-Machachari Star Actor Almasi: How Mum’s Illness Pushed Me to Depression

  • Ex- Machachari star Almasi
    Ex-Machachari Star Ian Nene popularly known as 'Almasi in a temple.
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  • Former Machachari star, Ian Nene, popularly known as Almasi, has opened up on struggling with depression after completing his studies in the United Kingdom. 

    Speaking to Shivani Pau on YouTube on Tuesday, July 26, Almasi stated that he learnt that his mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer upon arrival from the UK where he was studying. This news, he says, plunged him into a difficult moment of disbelief and grief. 

    “My mum told me that the doctors said she had stage four cancer. She raised me single-handedly. I feared she was going to die,” Almasi recounted. 

    A poster showing the cast of the Machachari show
    A poster showing the cast of the Machachari show

    The moment was so devastating that he started abusing drugs and substance as a way of coping with the reality of his mother struggling with cancer.

    Having been raised in a Catholic family, Almasi was left questioning the existence of God, considering how religious his mother was.

    He could not comprehend why God let his mother struggle with cancer despite being a stringent follower and believer of divine power. 

    “I asked God why he had allowed my mother to suffer yet she used to serve everyone and helped people. She used to help the community yet she was the one getting cancer.”

    Almasi went on to explain how he found solace in becoming a Monk. A friend had given him a book about Monks during his stint as a student at the University of Canterbury. By then, Almasi hardly understood a single aspect of what being a Monk entailed. 

    It was during the struggle with depression that Almasi met a friend who invited him to a Temple in Nairobi. He was introduced to some Monk's values and life aspects in the temple, including changing into a vegetarian. 

    Upon returning to the UK for studies, Almasi met Monks who welcomed him to the Temple for further engagement. He explained how he spent much time with the monks, especially during holidays. According to him, the experience in the temple has transformed his way of perceiving realities in life.

    Almasi is one of the popular cast of the celebrated Machachari series that aired on Citizen TV for over a decade. The actor has been a regular subject of social media discussions due to some of his stances and lifestyle.

    Ex- Machachari star Almasi
    A photo of the Machachari cast where Ian Nene was a part of the cast.