Businessman Shot & Robbed Ksh1.3 Million in the Middle of Town

  • A gunman in a balaclava
    An undated photo of a gunman in a balaclava.
  • A tycoon from Nyeri is counting losses after armed thugs accosted him in the middle of town and robbed him Ksh1.3 million he was carrying in cash.

    Speaking to the press, a police officer handling the matter confirmed that the businessman identified asĀ Charles Kiama was robbed on the morning of Monday, August 1, at around 9:00 a.m.

    Kiama was carrying the money to the bank when he was ambushed by the gang of three youth on a motorcycle.

    According to a police officer, the three armed attackers demanded the package from the businessman leading to a confrontation among them.

    A file image of guns and bullets
    A file image of guns and bullets

    One of the thugs, who was armed with a pistol, then opened fire and shot Kiama in the thigh.

    "I confirm that we witnessed an armed robbery incident near a Petrol Station. The owner was taking money to the Bank at around 9:00 a.m. He was on foot an was ambushed by three men on a motorbike.

    "They stopped where he was and took his bag. During the scuffle, one of them who had a pistol fired two shots injuring the businessman on the thigh. They fled with the bag," stated the police officer.

    Kiama was taken to a hospital in Nyeri where he received treatment and is now in a stable condition as police launch a manhunt for the three thugs.

    Robbery cases have been on the rise in recent months even as the campaigns season gets into the homestretch ahead of the August 9 General Election.

    The trend triggered the police to mount a sting operation to flush out suspected robbers majorly in Nakuru and Nairobi areas.

    On Saturday, police from Kilimani nabbed a serial robbery mastermind behind a spate of break-ins in the area as well as the neighbouring Kileleshwa.

    The suspect was arrested after detectives traced him to his home in Komarock where some of the stolen goods, including mobile phones and laptops were recovered.

    In Nakuru, the police mounted a security operation that led to the arrest of several individuals believed to be part of numerous gangs including one called 'Confirmed'.

    The gangs broke into individuals' houses and killed women before leaving with goods.

    A police car in Kenya
    A police car in Kenya.
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