Citizen TV Launches New Show Featuring Top Anchors 

  • A section of Citizen TV anchors
    A section of Citizen TV anchors
    Citizen TV
  • Citizen TV has launched a new show featuring some of its top news anchors and radio personalities.

    The show - Behind the Mic - will tell the stories of the journalists who have worked in the station for over five years detailing their experiences in the newsroom.

    Behind the Mic show will be available for their viewers on Citizen TV's digital platform every Friday.

    Citizen TV's Lilian Muli.
    Citizen TV's Lilian Muli.

    Among the journalists who will be featured in the new show include, Lilian Muli, Stephen Letoo, Jerida Andayi and Roga Roga's Obachi Machoka.

    Notably, Machoka's story will be among the first to air on the digital platform.

    The show will be hosted by journalist, Cynthia Mwangi, according to the trailer uploaded by the Royal Media Services (RMS) station on Tuesday, September 20.

    In the premier, Mwangi explained that the news show will give Kenyans an opportunity to know the life stories of prominent news anchors and radio show hosts.

    "You have seen them on TV, online and listened to them on the radio, but do you really know them?

    "From, their success stories to their struggles, catch these stories of your favourite media personalities on Behind the Mic," she stated 

    Further, she expressed her excitement about hosting the Citizen TV stars stating that the show will motivate Kenyans to know more about their favourite stars. 

    The new show is among new products that have been launched on the digital platform since its rebranding early in the year.

    Citizen TV journalist Cynthia Mwangi in the RMS studios.
    Citizen TV journalist Cynthia Mwangi in the RMS studios on September 19, 2022.
    Cynthia Mwangi