CCTV Footage Exposes Kenyan Linked to 15 Murders in US

  • A collage image of CCTV footage submitted before a US court on October 4 (left) and Billy Chemirmir in court (right).
    A collage image of CCTV footage submitted before a US court on October 4 (left) and Billy Chemirmir in court (right).
  • Police in the US have credited their arrest and successful investigations on suspected serial killer Billy Chemirmir to CCTV footage at a popular shopping store.

    On October 5, during the trial of the 48-year-old Kenyan, who is already serving a life sentence for another murder, it was revealed that the Kenyan stalked his victims at the store before following them to their homes.

    Police state that Chemirmir first caught their attention in 2018 after an 81-year-old woman, Lu Harris, was found dead in her home in Dallas, Texas.

    The murder of the elderly woman led to his conviction in April 2022

    CCTV camera at a private property
    CCTV camera at a private property.

    CCTV footage at the time detailed how the Kenyan trailed the woman in the store until the time she left. 

    Upon further inquiry into the death of other elderly women who are said to have visited the store, police uncovered a pattern in Chemirmir's killings.

    In another incident, a week after Harris was found dead, police found out that Chemirmir also trailed his second victim in the store. 

    Additionally, police also recounted that on a separate day, the Kenyan man also stocked an 87-year-old woman, Mary Brooks, in the store before following her to her home in Texas.

    Richardson Police Sergeant, Kelly Pagel, told the court that the suspected serial killer also sold jewellery belonging to the 87-year-old woman a day after her death.

    This was confirmed by Brook's family who told the court that they did not find her jewellery when they discovered her body.

    Investigators exhibited confidence in the conviction of Brooks as the Kenyan's phone signals were matched with his movements on the CCTV footage at the store.

    Further, another elderly lady who survived the attack claimed that Chemiremir followed her from the supermarket to her home where he attacked her.

    "I opened her door and saw the man wearing green rubber gloves, I knew I was in grave danger,” she testified then.

    The trial of the 48-year-old is set to continue in the coming days with police submitting DNA analysis before the court.

    File photo of samples collected for DNA test
    File photo of samples collected for a DNA test.
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