5 Things to Know When Hiring a Car in Nairobi

File photo of used cars in a yard
File photo of used cars in a yard

For most Kenyans, having a car eases movement and slashes their commute time by almost half. 

Finding the right car and vehicle hire company can be challenging as it requires adequate time to put together everything.

However, after securing one, ensure you adhere to the terms of service

However, with the increased number of unreliable car dealers, there are several things to know before renting a car in Kenya.

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NTSA flags off new vehicles in a past event
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Prepare the proper documents

When hiring a car, ensure you have all the necessary documents. These include the driving license and identification cards.

Also, ensure you get relevant documents from the car dealer to avoid being harassed by law enforcers on the road.

Extra fees

The car dealer should inform you of any extra costs you may incur. For the fuel policy, you can choose between a full tank or an empty tank while signing the agreement. 

Service the car and document the agreement to avoid paying extra charges.

Booking in advance

Getting a car in advance gives you time to select a good vehicle as it fast-tracks the hiring process. 

A last-minute rush could see you cough up extra cash as the dealers may take advantage of your desperation. 

A fleet of high-end vehicles
A fleet of high-end vehicles

Booking first will provide you with more chances to negotiate for discounts and cheaper renting fees.

While booking, inquire about the cancellation policy if you want to terminate the agreement earlier. 

Condition of the car

Understanding your destination and travel needs will reduce the time spent selecting a rental car.

Also, the number of people you intend to take with you on the trip. Is it a solo trip or a family trip? get a vehicle that accommodates all the passengers to avoid accidents caused by overloading.

A spacious vehicle is suitable when transporting commodities and supplies from one location to the next.

Terms of service

Some car dealers have age limits for interested parties. Some do not allow individuals under 25 to hire a car.

Also, while renting a car, enquire if the car comes with a delivery or if you will be required to drive yourself.

Read the car rental agreements carefully before signing anything. Ensure the arrangements are conducive for you as much as they are for the car dealer.

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