Thika Street Boy Rescues Newborn Baby Dumped at Matatu Terminus

  • Street urchins in Nairobi.
    Street urchins in Nairobi.
  • A street boy in Thika Town was lauded for his heart-warming gesture after saving a newborn baby boy on November 11.

    The baby was dumped in a garbage bin near the Thika main bus terminus.

    According to Bernard Guthu, known to many as 'Steroo', he was on his usual daily hustle of rummaging the pit for valuables when he heard a baby crying among the heap of garbage.

    At first, he ignored the cry and continued with his routine until he couldn't resist it and was prompted to check. 

    Heap of garbage
    A Heap of Garbage
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    To his astounding shock, he found a newborn baby boy stashed inside a disposable bag concealed with vegetable peelings.

    Steroo leapt into action and rescued the infant from its distress. Armed with the baby in hand, he proceeded to the streets, where a group of women offered their shawls to protect the infant from the chilling cold.

    In a timely fashion, the heroic boy rushed the baby to Thika Level 5 Hospital, Kiambu County, with the financial help of a few onlookers and well-meaning people who had now thronged around him inquiring about the situation.

    Unlike many people who would leave the child at the mercy of the medics, the boy, on reaching the hospital, ensured that the child was properly attended to.

    He inquired whether the baby had incurred any injuries or abnormalities.

    After the baby was admitted to the nursery wing, he left his contact details and, acting upon the doctor's advice, proceeded to Thika Police Station, where he reported on the same.

    Delighted with his courage, bravery and life-saving decision, Steroo shared that he was happily looking forward to visiting the infant in the hospital to follow on its progress. 

    He attributed his quick action to help the helpless newborn to an instinct he understood too well, as he was a father who would never want to see his daughter in such a destitute situation. 

    Sign Post of Thika Police Station
    Sign Post of Thika Police Station