Maria Makes Comeback in Lulu Hassan & Citizen TV's Sultana

From left: Actress Yasmin Said (Maria) and Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan

Popular Citizen TV's Maria actress, Yasmin Said, is set to feature on Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla's show Sultana.

The return of Yasmin, who portrayed the character of a slum girl called Maria in the series drama Maria that ended in 2021, was announced by the Swahili news duo on social media platforms.

Lulu, in a statement dated Friday, November 11, indicated that Maria's return was a part of a crossover on Sultana, which is currently being aired on Citizen TV

Additionally, she shared a clip of a scene of Sultana where Maria was filmed at a dump site.

Citizen TV News Anchors Lulu Hassan (Left) and her husband Rashid Abdalla.
Citizen TV News Anchors Lulu Hassan (Left) and her husband Rashid Abdalla.

The news anchor added that more actors and actresses from Maria would also soon feature in their new show as part of their crossover.

"Welcome Maria to Sultana. Catch more of your favourite Maria artists soon on Sultana. The crossover of its kind among the first in East Africa. The story gets exciting," Lulu announced.

"Her road has so many signs and her life is full of scars but she is here with us full of love and hope. Jiffy pictures making stars," Lulu's husband, Rashid Abdalla, echoed.

On her part, Yasmin expressed her excitement over her return even as she asserted that she will be maintaining her character as was in Maria.

"Do you think, Maria will help Buya? Join us as we welcome Maria to Sultana. What is coming is great," she stated, making reference to the video shared by the new anchors.

Clips of the scene announcing Maria's return have already been running on Citizen TV as the show's promo.

Sultana is one of the Swahili soap operas created by Lulu and Rashid. Apart from Maria, the duo are the brains behind Zora. 

Brian Ogana (Luwi) and Yasmin Said (Maria) pose for a photo before shooting the season finale of Citizen TV's drama Maria