Video of Elephant Playing With KBC Journalist Warms Hearts of Kenyans

An screen grab of an elephant playing with KBC journalist Alvin Kaunda during a PTC..jpg
A screen grab of an elephant playing with KBC journalist Alvin Kaunda during a PTC.
Alvin Kaunda

A video of a baby elephant playing with a KBC journalist during a piece-to-camera (PTC) has warmed the hearts of many Kenyans after it went viral.

Speaking to on Sunday, November 13, Alvin Kaunda stated that he was doing the PTC for feature story at the Davis Sheldrik Orphanage when the incident happened.

At the beginning of the video, Kaunda does the intro of the PTC in the company of three elephants - one medium sized and two small jumbos.

A baby elephant which was blocked is seen placing its trunk on the back of another before using its horn to access the journalist. 

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Kaunda held onto the second elephant but it was the feeling of a trunk tapping his shoulder, moving up his neck and to the top of his head.

"I remained calm, I knew there was no reason to panic because they were baby elephants," the KBC reporter told

However, the elephant moved closer and lowered its drunk towards his nose and mouth causing him to burst into laughter. The video of the light moment drew mixed reactions from Kenyans.

"I bet the elephant knew exactly what it was doing, it had its eyes on the camera all through the mischief," a Twitter user stated. "The Jumbo had something to say."

"Man this guy is so brave. If I was the one, I would have wounded up the clip immediately and taken off," read another comment.

Kaunda explained that the clip was part of a feature story covering how orphaned elephants are taken care of amid the ravaging drought that has led to the death of several in national parks. The feature will premier in the coming weeks.

The KBC reporter prides himself as a wildlife enthusiast. He is a graduate of Journalism and Mass Communication from the Technical University of Mombasa.

He also doubles as a videographer and uses his passion to tell wildlife stories.

A herd of elephants grazing in Masai Mara
A herd of elephants grazing in Masai Mara
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