EACC Sues Ex-KPA Manager Over Ksh78.1 Million Tender

  • A Collage of KPA building and EACC building
    A Collage of KPA building in Mombasa and EACC building in Nairobi
  • The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) on Tuesday, November 22, commenced the process of recovering millions from a former manager at the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA). 

    This is after the anti-corruption watchdog filed a petition at the High Court in Mombasa seeking to recover Ksh78.1 million from a former senior KPA manager mentioned in a fraudulent tender.

    According to court documents, EACC is seeking orders to compel Antony Muhanji to repay the Government Ksh78.1 million that was allegedly obtained from KPA through a false tender.

    EACC center, Nairobi
    EACC Office, Nairobi

    Particularly, the Commission wants High Court to first declare the money as proceeds of crime.

    Furthermore, the Commission wants the court to issue reinstitution orders requiring Antony Muhanji together with his company to pay the sum to the Kenyan government.

    A company linked to Muhanji, allegedly received an illegal contract for excavation and concrete work at KPA.

    EACC in the lawsuit, claims that the firm in question was deceitfully given a tender that it had fraudulently applied for.

    Anthony Muhanji was the project manager for the excavation and concrete work contract at KPA while serving as a director and beneficial owner of the company and its bank account.

    Consequently, EACC claimed that the former manager violated the law by engaging in a conflict of interest with the award of the fraudulent tender.

    The Commission indicated that it had already identified and froze over Ksh52.2 million belonging to the company when investigations got underway, pending the conclusion of inquiries and subsequent recovery actions.

    “The purpose was to ensure that in the event the Commission wins the recovery suit, any forfeiture and reinstitution orders issued by the Court will not be in vain,” EACC indicated. 

    Mombasa Port managed by the Kenya Ports Authority
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