Woman Burns Robbery Suspect With Hot Bathing Water

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  • A robbery suspect who attempted to gain entry into a Bungoma woman's house - in the morning of Thursday, November 24 is fighting for his life after he was burned with hot water.

    The suspect who is admitted at the Bungoma County referral hospital, got a rude welcome when one Zipporah Masika splashed hot water at him.

    According to police report, the woman who was ready to take her morning shower, was shocked to see a silhouette of a human being who was approaching from the shadows of her restroom.

    In the man's hands were Zipporah's valuables including mobile phone, which he had just stolen after ransacking the house.

    Bungoma police station
    Bungoma police station

    Well, it was Zipporah's turn to call the shot -- and shots she called, as the thug attempted to push her aside and escape.

    The defenceless woman turned to her most lethal weapon - water, which she splashed on the intruder.

    The robbery suspect got a whole basin of unplanned hot bathing water that was also accompanied by kicks and blows.

    What followed was a sound of surrender from the stranger as he cried for help.

    "Uuuui! Uuuui! come and help me!" the thief alerted the whole sleepy Tuuti village and its environs.

    Tuuti villagers responded to the thief's invitation, and immediately descended on the hapless miscreant with blows and kicks.

    "Pleas by the thug to be forgiven fell on deaf ears, as the irate neighbours beat him like a rented mule, further disfiguring his burnt face and inflicting deep cuts on his head," police report reads. 

    Police officers from Bungoma town arrived in time to save him from the jaws of any angry mob.

    "By the time police officers arrived, the man had been smashed to a bloody pulp by the angry villagers who had had enough of such characters in the village," police report read.

    Incidents of robbery with violence have increased in the country, even as police continue with a nationwide crackdown to contain the situation.

    On November 21, an irate mob lynched two suspected thieves in Embu after being cornered. It was reported that the two were behind cases of livestock theft in the area.

    Kenya Police Officers inspecting a prison facility.
    Kenya Police Officers inspecting a prison facility.
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