Mob Lynches Suspected Thieves, Burn Vehicle

DCI detectives probe a crime scene in Kenya._1.jpeg
Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives probe a crime scene on Tuesday, April 3, 2021.
DCI Kenya

Two suspected thieves were lynched by an angry mob on on Monday, November 21 after being cornered.

The two men were ferrying meat in after they reportedly slaughtered four stolen cows in Embu County.

The villagers explained that livestock theft had become a major concern, blaming security agents in the area for laxity in containing the situation.

"The mob got hold of them, beat them mercilessly and burnt them to death together with the vehicle they were using to ferry the meat,” one of the villagers commented.

Part of the burnt car and meat slaughtered from stolen cows on Monday, November 21. 2022
Part of the burnt car and meat slaughtered from stolen cows on Monday, November 21. 2022
Embu News

Locals claimed that some of the marauding criminals in the region had escaped from Nairobi after an enhanced operation by the National Police Service (NPS).

“We feel like some have come from Nairobi where they ran away from the high security that has been enhanced there,” a Kathiriku resident stated.

According to some locals, the situation has deteriorated as the festive season kicks in, coupled with the biting cost of living that has seen the prices of essential commodities spike.

They called on the Ministry of Interior, headed by Prof Kithure Kindiki to assign police officers to chiefs and their assistants to beef up security.

“We are asking the government to make sure the chief has police officers. We no longer trust those in the police posts. This operation has been conducted by the assistant chief, if he had officers at his office the bandits would have been arrested earlier,” a villager uttered.

According to the area chief Elias Munene Kiura, the two suspected thieves were locals who were well known. Efforts by police officers and the chief to save them were futile as the irate crowd overpowered them.

Since the government launched a crackdown on criminals across the country, a number of suspects have been arrested as police work round the clock to contain the situation.

On Wednesday, November 15, President William Ruto directed security chiefs to contain the situation before it gets out of hand.

During a meeting at State House with regional commanders, the President asked police officers not to hesitate to use force on armed criminals who endanger their lives.

"We have given you the instruments to ensure that we deal with criminals decisively, firmly and conclusively in accordance with the law and the constitution," he stated. 

Already, Interior CS has assured Kenyans that chiefs and their assistant will be assigned police officers to enhance operations.

A team of GSU officers patrolling the streets of Nairobi.jpg
A team of GSU officers patrolling the streets of Nairobi.
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