5 Reasons to Avoid Building a Flat Roof House

A flat roof house design
A flat roof house design
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Flat-roof houses are an emerging trend for Kenyans building residential or commercial buildings.

They are considered fancy and fashionable compared to hip, pitched, gable roofing styles.

Despite the rising popularity, here are five reasons you should avoid building a flat-roof house. 


A flat roof house in Kenya
A flat roof house in Kenya
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Building contractor Jonathan Kyalo speaking to Kenyans.co.ke explained that drainage is the biggest disadvantage of a flat roof

“To maintain the flat roof aesthetic, the house can only allow a slight slope to drain water,” he told Kenyans.co.ke

“Most of the time, the slope will not drain fully the water creating a puddle that will eventually damage the roof,” he added.


Most Kenyan flat roofs are built using concealed iron sheets or concrete slabs.

Kyalo explains that due to stagnant water or gutter failure, the roofing has a short lifespan compared to other roofing styles.

Less Stability

Flat roofs have less stability and the ability to withstand weight naturally.

This makes them costly to build because you will need to compensate elsewhere in the construction to strengthen the building.

A flat roof house design
A flat roof house design
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Temperature changes

“Flat roofs absorb heat faster than other roofing styles, which is a problem as most parts of the country are arid and semi-arid,” Kyalo underlined. 

During cold seasons, your house gets extremely cold, and the house becomes unbearably hot during the hot season.

High repair costs

Adverse weather conditions affect flat roofs, making them need constant repairs. This is costly, making many people shun the style.


Flat roof also has its own advantages over pitched and hip-roofed houses.


Unlike other types of roofing, a flat roof design makes it easily accessible. In case of inspection or repair, it is easy making it efficient.


The ease of accessibility makes the roofs easier to clean. Unlike other types of roofs, owners can clean their own houses instead of hiring professionals, cutting costs.

Multiple Uses

Flat roofs can be used for a variety of purposes. You can create a top roof bar or convert the roof to a barbeque joint. This is impossible with other types of roofing systems.

Aesthetic Value

Flat roofs are considered an architectural marvel and one of the reasons they are gaining popularity in Kenya.