Mt Kenya Featured Among Top Five Global Hiking Destinations

  • A collage of peaks of Kenya's tallest mountain, Mt Kenya.
    A collage of peaks of Kenya's tallest mountain, Mt Kenya.
  • Mt Kenya was featured among the top five destinations best fit for hikes and trekking across the globe.

    In a feature shared by Australian Geographic on Friday, January 6, Mt Kenya was described as a great trekking area best tackled in a guided group

    The feature titled Ultimate bucket-list treks: Five of the world's best detailed that the rough, slippery, bumpy track to the top was among the main features that attract thousands each year.

    While hiking the mountain, visitors are advised to keep an eye out for wild animals like elephants, buffalos, or wild horses.

    Businessman Richard Branson climbs Mt Kenya in 2022
    Businessman Richard Branson climbs Mt Kenya in 2022
    Richard Branson

    "For a five-day trek, Mt Kenya packs in everything you could wish for: wildlife, amazing scenery, great guides and porters, and what rates as one of the world’s most amazing sunrises," read part of the article.

    Mt Kenya is the second tallest mountain in Africa, standing at 5,199 metres behind Tanzania's Mt Kilimanjaro, which stands at 5,895 m.

    Additionally, Mt Kenya has three main summits, Batian at 17,057 feet, Nelion at 17,020 feet, and Lenana at 16,354 feet.

    Others listed were the Inca Rivers Trek in Peru, the Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal, the Walls of Jerusalem National Park in Australia, and the Grampians Peaks Trail also in Australia.

    In October 2022, billionaire Richard Branson was in Kenya as he hiked to the highest mountain peak alongside a group of 25 to raise money for charity.

    "We set off in great spirits explaining to everyone what the journey was all about-testing ourselves, having fun together, and raising funds for Big Change, a wonderful challenge set up to reimagine and transform education," the business mogul remarked.

    On another noble quest in 2019, Joshua Kimkung set a record of 10 hours and 53 minutes at only ten years old after climbing Mt Kenya in a day.

    The young boy noted that the hike was to help raise funds and buy a school bus to transport students that live far away from the school.

    "I attend a public institution, some of these children walk to school, and it is tiresome and unsafe," he explained in a past interview.

    Mt Kenya Glaciers
    Undated Image of Mt Kenya glaciers.
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