12-Year-Old Joshua Kimkung Inspires Kenyans After Climbing Mt Kenya in One Day

  • 12-year-old Joshua Kimkum who conquered Mt. Kenya in 11 hours
    12-year-old Joshua Kimkum who conquered Mt. Kenya in 11 hours
  • Joshua Kimkung, a 12-year-old pupil from Lang’ata West Primary School climbed Mt. Kenya in a record 10hrs and 53min when he was only ten years old in November 2019.

    Kimkung achieved the incredible feat in just under 11 hours, a feat which would ordinarily take many several days to accomplish.

    It takes about 3 to 5 days on average to climb the mountain, with the majority of people camping to rest within a span of few days when trying to reach the Peak of Mt. Kenya, Lenana Peak.

    12-year-old Joshua Kimkung
    12-year-old Joshua Kimkung

    His first hike was in June 2018 when he summited Le Satima, a 4001m above sea level peak in the Aberdare Range; he was only nine years old.

    Kimkung is set to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru and Mt. Kenya from March 24  to April 16, 2022 to raise money to help his school buy a school bus. 

    "In my school, many pupils live far from the school and it is hard for them to get to school. I want to raise money for my school to buy a school bus," noted the inspiring 12-year-old in an interview.

    Kimknung is so active in trying to realize his dream of buying his school a bus, that he started the fundraising campaign to help achieve it. He created a website, "www.joshuakimkung.com", and a YouTube channel "Joshua Kimkung", where he posts his mountain-climbing exploits. 

    "I attend a public institution called Lang’ata West Primary School. I have 1,506 schoolmates. Some of these children walk to school, and it is tiresome and unsafe," writes Kimkung on his website.

    "They have to wake up early, use public transport, and worry about their safety when crossing roads. For that reason, I thought that getting my school a bus would help so many of my schoolmates," further writes Kimkung, urging people to support his dream.

    Kimkung shared that he did not suffer altitude sickness during the climb, and says it was "pretty easy" accomplishing the feat. He was also not accompanied by his parents to the Lenana Peak.

    The achievements of the 12-year-old have inspired many, especially those who are enthusiastic about mountain-climbing, while challenging many to engage in meaningful enterprises while enjoying their hobbies. 

    Kimkung's exploits have wowed Kenyans including world marathon record holder Eliud Kipchoge. 

    "In life, the first thing is to be self-disciplined, Kimkung also love your studies. Set your priorities right, learn to say no in a positive way and make self-discipline your lifestyle. That is what will transform you and make you a better person in the future." Kipchoge told Joshua in a word of advise.