Story of 24-Yr-Old Lady Awarded for Running a Successful Tour Company

  • A collage of Melvine Akoth, founder of own Tours and Travel company
    A collage of Melvine Akoth, founder of her own Tours and Travel Company
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  • At a tender age, Melvine Akoth enjoyed travelling across the country, enjoying the different beautiful views and sceneries.

    During her primary and high school days, she joined music and drama groups for a chance to travel around for regional and national Music and Drama Festivals.

    Despite her love for travel, she never imagined running a successful a tour and travel company not to mention winning an award for doing what she loves.

    In November 2022, the 24-year-old won in the Tourism (Tour) and Cultural category at the Top 30 Under 30 CEO awards at the Annual Summit and Awards held in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

    Melvin Akoth, founder of a tours and travel company posing for a photo
    Melvin Akoth, founder of a tours and travel company posing for a photo
    Melvine Akoth

    "The award paved way for many opportunities for me in the industry. I got recognition and more clients who wanted to travel with the company," she stated in an interview with KTN Home.

    During the interview on Friday, January 6, Akoth detailed how she initially joined Chuka University to pursue a career in journalism but a gap in the tourism sector changed her mind.

    "My main clients, in the beginning, were just my classmates and friends," Akoth stated.

    She noted that after her university education, she joined the necessary and relevant groups to help her build her company as well as increase her network.

    "It was difficult to secure employment in a media house, so, I thought to myself why not continue with my entrepreneurial journey first? My guardians were supportive of my switching careers from journalism to tour and travel," she explained.

    Despite her first trip as a company being to Samburu for a three-day and two nights camping experience, Akoth noted that the most memorable trip was to Zanzibar.

    "We do flight booking, bush safaris, beach vacations as well as corporate team building," she informed.

    Akoth added that the main goal of her company is to conduct extensive research on different places to visit and avoid going to the same tourist attractions.

    The enthusiastic millennial on the move encouraged the youth to remain focused noting that, if they don't give up, their businesses will eventually pay off.

    ''Get the right people not necessarily in the same field that will guide you in your entrepreneurial journey," she advised the youth.

    She conclusively detailed a painful moment that fuelled her journey to travel around the country and beyond.

    "The Music Festival team was travelling from Kisumu to Mombasa for the finals, but my name was removed from the list at the last minute," she painfully recalled.

    The Zanzibar Skyline
    The Zanzibar Skyline