EXPLAINED: Inside Administration Police Units, Their Ranks & Police Roles

Pass Out
President William Ruto inspects a guard of honour during the Administration Police pass-out parade in Nairobi on January 11, 2023.
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Administration Police (AP) units work under the National Police Service and are mandated to maintain law and order as well as provide assistance to the public when needed.

The newest recruits to the units graduated during the 58th passing-out parade that was presided over by President William Ruto on Wednesday, January 11, where 1,995 officers joined the police service.

During the pass-out parade, Ruto stated that the choice to recruit more officers was informed by the need to ensure that Kenyans across the country had access to responsive and effective police protection. 

Administration police officers executing weapon drills during their pass-out parade on Wednesday January 11, 2022
Administration police officers executing weapon drills during their pass-out parade on Wednesday, January 11, 2023.

According to the Administration Police Service's official website, here are the different roles and responsibilities of the different units that are charged with protecting life and property. 

Border police unit

The first-ranked unit is the Border Police Unit (BPU). Officers in the unit undergo training both locally and internationally to protect internal and external borders. 

BPU officers are equipped to deal with security problems within the borders of the country, including neutralising terror groups within our borders.

"The officers in this unit are highly trained locally and internationally on how to protect internal and external borders," read in part a statement from AP's official website.

Rapid Deployment Unit 

The second-ranked unit is the Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU). This unit deals with conflict management and rescue. 

Their roles entail neutralising riots and community conflicts. The officers can reach any part of the country promptly to handle complex conflicts.

Anti-Stock Theft Unit

The third-ranked unit is the Anti-Stock Theft Unit (ASTU) which specialises in dealing with cattle rustling problems among pastoralist communities. 

They are the officers deployed especially in arid and semi-arid areas where there are reports of rampant bandit attacks to neutralise threats. 

"The unit breeds horses and dogs in the entire national police service. The unit is specialized and deals with cattle rustling problems among our pastoralist communities,"  the AP's official website noted.

Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit

The fourth-ranked unit is the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU). The unit is tasked to protect and safeguard National Government infrastructures and vital installations.

CIPU was designed to safeguard critical infrastructures such as power lines, fiber optic cables, highways, and data centers from the national to the sub-county level.

Security of Government Buildings & VIP Protection 

The fifth-ranked unit is the Security of Government Buildings & VIP Protection Unit(SGB) which is mandated to provide security to Government Buildings.

"The operates in several areas including growth in personnel, expansion of its core functions, accommodation and other support services, " the AP's official website explained.

SGB prioritises the protection of government employees and government-owned facilities. Their role includes safeguarding not only the daily operations of government officials but also their health, well-being, and safety.

Administration Police showcasing their drills during a past pass-out parade.
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