Magoha's Son Shares His Rarely-Seen Family Moments [VIDEO]

  • Magoha's Family
    A photo collage of former Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha.
    Instagram/Michael Magoha
  • He was known as the no-nonsense surgeon who methodically took a firm stand on national issues without a glimpse of a smile. 

    However, there is 'the other side of Magoha' that many people do not know, that is, George, the family man who let loose when necessary. 

    In the eyes of his son, Michael and wife, Barbara, Magoha was the comical father and husband who loved to sit around and enjoy small talk. 

    On his social media pages, Micahel eulogised his father in photos and videos seemingly released to the public for the first time

    Magoha and Barbara
    Dr Barbara (Left) and former Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha (Right) during a birthday celebration.
    Instagram/Michael Magoha

    In a classical immortalisation of his father, Michael's video showed a jovial Magoha celebrating birthdays and having quality time with family members. 

    Accompanied by a piece of soothing background music, the videos were like a bird singing in the rain, letting grateful memories survive in a time of sorrow. 

    In Michael's mind, it was a rugged but blissful match back to his past moods and memories as he sought to convey a cocktail of emotions that everyone endures during a difficult period. 

    Even though he was devastated by the loss of such a surgical genius, Micahel proved that heartstrings always connect those we love and lose into infinity. 

    In one video, the smiley Magoha was pictured while hugging his wife, Barbara, and sharing a vestal time to create a truly one-of-a-kind moment.

    Magoha's Family
    From left: Former Education Cabinet Secretary the late Prof George Magoha, his wife Dr Barbara Magoha and their son Dr Micheal Magoha.
    Daily Nation

    The video demonstrated how a good laugh and a good story are all one needs to create something memorable.

    In Michael's life, Magoha is gone from their sight, but never from their hearts -- it's an imprint that his footprints have left in their lives. 

    Even as they mourn, truly, the sun, the moon, the wind, and the stars, will forever be around, reminding the Magoha family that the love they shared, and the peace they enjoyed finally found a permanent resting place, not in the grace but in the minds of Dr Michael and Dr Barbara.

    Barbara and Magoha
    Dr Barbara (Left) and former Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha (Right) during a past event.
    Instagram/Michael Magoha