Nakuru Couple Loses All 5 Babies Hours After Birth

Children 1
A collage of Simon Ndung’u (Left) and Margaret Wairimu(Right) on Wednesday, February 1.
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The couple blessed with five children is mourning the death of the quintuplets delivered at the Nakuru Level 5 hospital on Wednesday, February 1.

Dr Aisha Maina, the hospital's superintendent, confirmed that all five children died on Thursday morning, February 2. 

The news was corroborated by Bahati Member of Parliament (MP) Irene Njoki, who visited the couple at the hospital.

An image of the set of quintuplets born at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital.jpg
An image of the set of quintuplets born at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital.

"A sad ending. Rest in Peace (RIP) to the five angels," Njoki wrote.

The lawmaker was among those who visited parents Simon Ndung'u and Margaret Wangui in the hospital and tagging along basic essential goods for the family.

Notably, the children were born preterm with a weight of 500 grams. Consequently, the hospital's medical team placed them under incubation.

Speaking to the press on February 1, Ndung'u, a matatu tout, stated that he did not expect his wife to deliver five children.

"The pre-natal scans indicated that she (Wangui) was expecting three children. It was an ultrasound during her last trimester which revealed the other two," he stated.

Consequently, the 28-year-old pleaded with the public to step in and financially help as he could not sustain all six of his children on his tout salary.

This is the third death related to the birth of quintuplets in the country. In 2019, a woman from Kakamega who delivered five children died while receiving treatment in a hospital.

Doctors disclosed that the chest pains she complained of before her death was caused by blood clots which blocked vessels in her lungs.

In 2017, an entire set of quintuplets born in Kisii died. two first, followed by three, after they contracted pneumonia days after birth.

Simon Ndung'u and his wife in Nakuru Level V hospital.
Simon Ndung'u and his wife at the Nakuru Level V hospital.
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