Ex-Citizen TV Anchor Quits Kiambu County Job

  • A File Image of Citizen TV Studios
    A File Image of Citizen TV Studios
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  • Former Citizen TV anchor Franklin Wambugu, on Thursday, February 2, quit Kiambu County government, where he served as Chief Officer in the Communication and Public Relations department.

    Wambugu left his role after two years of service under former Kiambu Governor James Nyoro. He relished his time and the opportunity to hone his communication skills.

    "My time at Kiambu County government has come to an end. I thank God for the two and a half years of service to the public, which have been full of challenges on one hand and wonderful experiences on the other," Wambugu's statement read in part.

    Former K24 TV anchors Franklin Wambugu (left) and Isabella Kituri.
    Former K24 TV anchors Franklin Wambugu (left) and Isabella Kituri.

    "I have had the esteemed privilege of meeting and interacting with people I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to. I will take all the lessons with me onto the next assignment," he added.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, the media practitioner added that his contract had expired, and Governor Kimani Wamatangi's administration was yet to renew it.

    "Yes, I'm leaving Kiambu County because my contract expired," Wambugu stated.

    Announcing his next plan, the former K24 TV news anchor stated he would join his media and communication consultancy after taking a short break.

    "I want to rest and reboot for a while before embarking on my next assignment. I have my consultancy work, which I will handle as I wait for the next assignment," he stated. 

    Kiambu County tapped into Wambugu's expertise in August 2020, barely a week after he exited MediaMax. He was among 160 Mediamax Network Limited employees who received termination letters.

    However, he vowed to use his experience to shape the Kiambu communication structure.

    "I am here to showcase what Kiambu County has to offer in terms of service delivery especially with it being the second-most populus county and attracts a lot interest," he stated.

    "I am not going there to reinvent the wheel. I am going to work with very talented people," Wambugu enumerated. 

    Before moving to K24, Wambugu worked at Citizen TV for over nine years, where he was part of the team that revolutionised the station.

    Former K24 TV anchor Franklin Wambugu while in studio.
    Former K24 TV anchor Franklin Wambugu while in studio.