US filmmakers Raise Ksh625,000 for Kenyan Kids After Touching Kisumu Trip

A collage of award winning filmmakers Rob Lyall (left) and Molly Hermann (right)
A collage of award-winning filmmakers Rob Lyall (left) and Molly Hermann (right)
Biscuit Factory

Award-winning filmmakers Rob Lyall and Molly Hermann from the Biscuit Factory in the US raised Ksh626, 200 (USD 4,860) for kids in Kisumu County.

According to the two who have been touring Africa for over 20 years, they discovered that many families struggle to provide basic necessities such as food and shelter, let alone pay for school fees and supplies - noting that girls were the most affected.

The fundraiser was started on February 25, 2023, and well-wishers across the globe have chipped in to help the learners.

Award winning producer Molly Hermann in Kisumu County, Kenya
Award-winning producer Molly Hermann in Kisumu County, Kenya
Molly Hermann

Through the GoFundMe fundraiser, the duo sought to raise Ksh966,750 (USD7,500) for learners in Kisumu County.

"We would love it if you would consider supporting these girls, changing lives, concretely improving the world we live in," the duo urged well-wishers.

Under the name, "Keep Girls Smiling and in School in Kenya", the duo is seeking to provide basic materials for the students, especially girls, and allow them to stay in school.

"Wow, thanks for the amazing support! It is really encouraging to share this work with our community and get such a warm response," Molly updated on March 2.

Additionally, the two invited all their wellwishers to visit the girls in Kisumu whenever in the neighbourhood stating, "The girls would love to thank you in person."

Notably, the Kisumu Girls Education Project was initiated after the team was in Kenya for a clean water project and a mother asked for help to send her daughter to school.

"The operation is simple.  We’re paying tuition fees via wire directly to the universities and sending support for books, supplies, and laptops to the students," Rob and Molly stated.

The duo focuses on the neediest cases - orphans, girls living with HIV, disabled, blind, girls with enormous school debts built up who will have to leave school if they aren't paid, and medical students.

Rob is an award-winning Director of Photography and has worked with renowned brands in the world including National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

Molly, on the other hand, has worked with BBC America, Animal Planet, and Discovery Science among others to produce award-winning content.

Award winning Director of Photography Rob Lyall in Kisumu County, Kenya
Award-winning Director of Photography Rob Lyall in Kisumu County, Kenya
Rob Lyall