Nairobi Expressway Rolls Out Ksh 3K Payment Tech Installed in Cars

Graphics of an expressway using an Electronic Toll Payment System.

In March 2023, the Nairobi Expressway introduced Electronic Toll Payment System that is resource-conserving, ecological and economical for drivers and makes traffic management more efficient.   

Electronic Toll Payment System is a future-proof technology that allows drivers to initiate pre-drive payments, after which the motorist would use the Nairobi Expressway services without any delays. 

Speaking to, Moja Expressway Company's head of communications confirmed the roll out of a pilot test for the new technology. 

"We are eager to know how Kenyan motorists will receive the new technology, more so, when it comes to issues to do with efficiency," the Moja Expressway stated.

An image of the Nairobi Westlands toll station of the expressway.
An image of the Nairobi Westlands toll station of the expressway.

The official from the company that operates the Nairobi Expressway stated that ETPS will make the life of drivers much easier and faster, especially, in revenue planning, clearance and subscription management. 

"You will no longer need to queue on the line. Once at the station, this device will automate the process and let you through without spending more time on the lane," an attendant at Nairobi Expressway exit explained. 

The system operates with artificial intelligence that offers high detection and classification rates for all motorists fitted with the device. 

The integration of lidar and image sensors offers an outstanding number plate recognition rate and with nearly zero error. 

"When the Electronic Toll Payment System is installed in your car, you will not need to be making further payments when you arrive at the station," the attendant explained. 

When in agreement, Nairobi Expressway would install a small device on a car, and the gadget would be used to activate automation processes including the opening of the barrier. 

The Electronic Toll Payment Device relies on a high degree of detection and identification of vehicles in order to ensure smooth operation without intervention.

"A motorist will pay Ksh3,000 for the device to be installed in his or her car, and the driver will also use the same money whenever they are traveling on Nairobi Expressway," an attendant at Nairobi Expressway Westlands exit explained. 

In the pilot project, the head explained that precise data capture is one thing, data protection is another – and it is within the company's priority to ensure that motorists are well protected. 

"I do not have the exact data at the moment because this is an ongoing programme but there is no doubt that data remains a crucial part of the project," Gene explained. 

Electronic Toll Payment Device is well-equipped with standardised and configurable functions that ensure faster processing of vehicle and customer data in compliance with data protection regulations.

The company seeks to create data assurance which includes a defined data deletion and anonymization. 

Among the benefits that drivers receive are high data integrity, strong fraud-proofing, and legally incontestable evidence of transactions at all toll stations. 

An image of one of the electronic speed cameras mounted along the Nairobi expressway.jpg
An image of one of the electronic speed cameras mounted along the Nairobi expressway.
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