How Motorists Can Whistleblow & Report Petrol Stations to EPRA

Undated photo of a person fueling a car
Photo of a person fueling a car at a petrol station in August 2018.

To tame business malpractice, the Energy and Petroleum Authority of Kenya (EPRA), on Friday, March 17, advised motorists to lodge complaints to the body.

EPRA detailed that motorists in the country have often fallen victim to petrol stations selling adulterated fuel

An increase in the commodity prices had occasioned a spike in cases of petrol stations selling contaminated fuel in the country and marketers hoarding oil.

According to EPRA, victims of adulterated fuel can lodge complaints by contacting the authority by listing the station and its location.

photo of a fuel pump in Kenya
A photo of a motorist fuelling a car a local petrol station in Kenya

After complaining, EPRA tests the petrol in the car and at the station before prescribing penalties.

"Whenever encountered with such a problem, kindly call EPRA using the following numbers: 0709336000 or 020 284700 or email through info@epra(dot)go(dot)ke(dot)," EPRA's statement read in part. 

"EPRA will be able to dispatch inspectors to test for adulteration for both the fuel at the station and that in your car’s tank," EPRA indicated," it further added.

Effects of using contaminated fuel include increased engine wear, loss of power and crankcase dilution.

Signs of adulterated fuel in a car include the engine running rough and lacking power, difficulties in starting the car, misfiring, pinging or backfiring and the engine check light appearing illuminated.

"If you suspect that you have picked up a bad batch of fuel, your priority is to take your car to your local mechanic or servicing dealer, for a check and verification," a car expert explained.

To address the issue of adulterated fuel, the country adopted bio-chemical fuel markers at loading points before delivery to retail outlets.

Despite super petrol retailing at Ksh179.3 per litre in Nairobi, the measures ensure motorists receive approved and standard fuel.

A petrol station attendant fueling a vehicle
A petrol station attendant fueling a vehicle in April 2020.
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