Raila's Declaration Causes Anxiety & Tension in Tanzania 

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President William Ruto and President Samia Suluhu present each other with gifts at State House Tanzania on Monday, October 10, 2022.
Ikulu Tanzania

Tanzanian officials on Wednesday, March 22, expressed concerns over growing tension in Kenya due to the Azimio la Umoja's anti-government protests. 

Officials at the Namanga border lamented that Azimio la Umoja protests had spillover effects to the neighbouring country, Tanzania. 

Cross-border services were grounded for the better of Monday, March 20, when anti-government mass action took place in Nairobi and other parts of the country. 

It was reported that a number of trucks formed files at the borders and could not be cleared to cross into Kenya due to the protests. 

Namanga One Stop Border post
Namanga One Stop Border post

“There were no lorries loaded with goods crossing the border. There was tension on the Kenyan side,” noted Ismael Abdi, the Tanzania Freight Forwarders Association chairman at Namanga.

The demonstrations led by Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party Leader, Raila Odinga, also affected activities on the Kenyan side of the border.

Most of the lorries that were supposed to cross from Kenya's side of One Stop Border Post (OSBP) also remain grounded in the nearby towns. 

Azimio la Umoja protest affected businesses in several towns, including Kajiado, where a number of businesses were closed in anticipation of the mass action. 

Drivers in transit were forced to wait until the end of the protest on Monday, March 20, evening, but it was almost too late for the resumption of normal operations at the One Stop Border Post. 

“When it appeared the riots in Nairobi were over, the clearance started and that was late in the evening,” Ismail told the Citizen Newspaper

On Tuesday, March 21, Raila announced a biweekly protest, declaring demonstrations every Monday and Thursday

In a press briefing, Raila noted that the demonstrations would continue until their demands were met.

"In response to public demand, we shall now hold protests every Thursday and Monday beginning next week," he announced.

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna joins Azimio mass action protests in Nairobi on Monday, March 20, 2023.
Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna joins Azimio mass action protests in Nairobi on Monday, March 20, 2023.
Edwin Sifuna
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