TV47 Boss Abubakar Abdullahi Resigns

A photo of the Newly opened TV47 studio on October 11
A photo of the Newly opened TV47 studio on October 11

Former TV47 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abubakar Abdullahi left the media station on Monday, March 27, after a four-year stint.

Abubakar was appointed acting CEO of the then-budding TV station in July 2020 and guided it to become one of the most popular media channels in the country.

He was recently demoted to be Head of TV a position he held until he left the Cape Media-owned broadcaster.

Former TV 47 CEO Abubakar Abdullahi
Former TV47 CEO Abubakar Abdullahi

Speaking to, the former CEO revealed that he had left TV47 to pursue other interests.

In his last message to his colleagues, Abubakar thanked the team for the accomplishments they made through the years.

“It has been a lifetime honour and privilege to serve as your Chief Editor and subsequently as your Chief Executive officer for the last four years.

“When I took over the leadership of the company we deeply love, I made a commitment that we will fight for our spot in Kenya's competitive media landscape. I am proud that we have made tremendous progress together,” he stated.

The former CEO further detailed how he had ensured that TV47 got national recognition.

“We were ranked the fastest-growing TV in Kenya and our numbers continue to grow.

“At the heart of my philosophy has been to create a humane company that puts the interest of its staff members first,” he revealed secret to the success that was enjoyed by the station.

The budding journalist stated that he was leaving the station for personal reasons.

“I am also proud of the caring community we became. However, I have for personal reasons decided to leave the company and pursue other interests.”

Abubakar urged his colleagues to continue the good work they had started at TV47.

“You have offered me the support I needed to execute my mandate and I thank you all for that while requesting that you grant the same to my successor,” he wrote as he bade goodbye to the place he called home for the last four years.

Prior to joining TV47, Abubakar had worked at Elm TV,iTV and Standard Media Group.

Abubakar was replaced as CEO by Ken Otwenyo a veteran media personality who previously worked with Nation Media Group, Royal Media and Standard Group Limited.

Otwenyo is set to steer the company as it explores other revenue streams after in unveiled Radio47 in early March.

Former TV47 CEO Abubakar Abdullahi in studio
Former TV47 CEO Abubakar Abdullahi in studio


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