Kenyatta Northland Invasion: Ngunjiri Wambugu Lists Consequences of the Raid

Youth invade Kenyatta's Northlands Project situated along the Eastern Bypass.
Youth invading Kenyatta family Northlands Project situated along the Eastern Bypass.
Pauline Njoroge

Former Nyeri Town Member of Parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu on Monday, March 27, weighed in on the invasion of Northlands City - owned by the Kenyatta family along Nairobi Eastern Bypass.

In a statement, Wambugu condemned the attack, noting that it would create a recipe for disaster whereby unknown persons would storm someone's property without notice. 

He added that this would drive a wedge among Kenyans based on the rich and the poor. According to the former lawmaker, the wealthy family would go to great lengths in acquiring volunteers to protect their farms as opposed to relying on the government. 

File image of former Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu
File image of former Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu

"Whoever came up with the idea of having people invade the land of Kenya's Founding Father and the First President Jomo Kenyatta, in a world that's connected everywhere via the Internet, has done Kenya a lot of harm today."

"At this rate, what will stop a rich family from inviting young men and women to volunteer to protect their property if it becomes clear that their government will not protect them? Isn't this how private militias are formed?" he posed. 

Wambugu noted that invading the Kenyatta family's property set the stage for another person's property to be raided. 

Speaking to, political and Governance expert, Dr. Jane Thuo,  echoed Wambugu's sentiments and opined that the invasion seemingly opened Pandora's box.

"It's a very unfortunate situation because everyone has their own supporters. This resembles someone throwing stones at a glass house. 

"This also mirrors the situation of the haves and have-nots whereby the effects will trickle down to the community. This will mean people will be paying for their own security based on a community level," she stated. 

The political analyst opined that the Kenya Kwanza administration ought to consider dialogue in a bid to restore peace to the country. 

"When you come to power, you have the greatest responsibility, the buck stops with you. So, in an economy like this, you end up breeding desperados ( helpless people who have nothing to lose). 

"This is beyond politics. It might drive a wedge between neighbours, and families. So let's not take it lightly. When they start like this, what's to stop them from attacking other people's properties?" Thuo posed. 

Kenyatta's Northlands project, estimated to be worth Ksh500 billion, comprises an 11,000-acre parcel of land in Ruiru. 

An artistic representation of the Ksh500 billion Northlands City project
An artistic representation of the Ksh500 billion Northlands City project
Northlands City