90 People Stranded in Voi After Fake Standard Gauge Railway Construction Job Promise

  • Drama stemmed as 90 youth were left stranded at in Voi,after the jobs they had been promised turned out to be a scam.

    The group pointed an accusing finger at Tigania West Member of Parliament, claiming that he had promised them jobs at the standard gauge railway construction.

    The parliamentarian had allegedly gotten the job seekers to each register and pay a Sh.1,300 to cater for bus fare.

    According to Citizen News, the youth, assured of a job that would take a long time had then carried their belongings including mattresses to Voi, only to find that the phone of the contact person they were expecting to meet had been switched off.

    They spent the better part of the day at Moi Stadium, Voi waiting for the said contact, only identified as Mwende to show up, but to no avail.