Mother Elicits Debate After Pressure Cooker Accident; 3 Risks to Consider

A photo collage of a pressure cooker on a gas cooker and a gas cooker on the floor after an explosion.
A photo collage of a pressure cooker on a gas cooker and a gas cooker on the floor after an explosion.
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Kenyans shared their near-death experience while using pressure cookers after a mother was captured on Friday, June 2, in a video detailing the aftermath of an accident involving the fast cooking equipment in her kitchen. 

In the video - shared widely online - the woman showed how her kitchen walls and ceiling were smeared with food after the pressure cooker exploded.

She also narrated that the pressure cooker - boiling atop a gas cooker - fell over the floor, damaging her tiles.

The mother - who did not reveal her name in the video - also narrated that her children were lucky to have escaped the accident, having been in the kitchen minutes before the incident.

Stock photo of a speeding ambulance
Stock photo of a speeding ambulance

"Now my walls look like they have been branded with wallpapers. I am grateful that my children were not in the kitchen when the pressure cooker burst. Be careful because things can lead you to your deathbed," she narrated.

Consequently, after the video went viral, Kenyans shared their experience using the cooking devices.

While many noted the benefits of the cooker, a number explained that the devices could prove costly if not properly used.

Other online users cautioned each other against using the devices before thoroughly reading the manual and understanding how to use it.

"It once exploded on my sister's face and mine, when we were kids. I can feel how painful it was to date. Anyway, I'd rather boil everything for days than deal with it," one Spookin Dave narrated.

"Actually that hissing sound indicates it is working perfectly, the moment the hissing stops it's faulty, it will explode," Jose Mureu added.

Risks Involved and How to Overcome Them

Pressure cookers are widely used in Kenyan homes to cook food that takes hours to prepare meat, githeri, beans and many more.

The devices are reported to reduce cooking time by over 50 per cent hence their convenience to many households.

However, despite their convenience, some risks include explosions, skin burns, fires, etc.

Therefore in mitigating these effects, one is advised to read the instructions before use, monitor the devices when cooking and use the right amount of water during cooking.

Other precautions users are advised against include opening the lid when there is still pressure and using the devices in an oven.  

On the other hand, others are opting for the electronic ones.

Pressure cooker
A sample of an electric pressure cooker.
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