KDF Kills 60 Al-Shabaab Terrorists in Lamu

Officers marching during a past national event
Officers marching during a past national event with arms produced at KOFC

All 60 terrorists involved in Tuesday's attack, which tragically resulted in the death of two Kenyans, have been killed, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has revealed.

While appearing before the Senate Committee on Education on Wednesday, August 2, Kindiki revealed the government's response to the attack was prompt and decisive, with the operation lasting over a day, effectively neutralising all threats. 

The Cabinet Secretary provided reassurance to Kenyans, allaying their fears of increasing terror attacks in the country.

"As we speak we had an attack yesterday at the intersection of Lamu and Tana River where the public was attacked by over 60 armed terrorists in different groups and the target was to harm more people," the cabinet secretary stated.

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According to Kindiki, the terror group was targeting travelers in buses along the Lamu-Witu Garsen Highway. Fortunately, the presence of the Special Operations Group patrolling in the vicinity enabled them to swiftly confront and handle the attackers.

"People who are targetting four different buses with about 200 people are a threat," he remarked.

Kindiki emphasised that the government is collaboratively working with multiple agencies to eradicate various terror groups, including Al-Shabaab.

"We have neutralised thousands of terrorists in the past but they go unreported due to the nature of the operation," he revealed.

The Cabinet Secretary mentioned that none of the officers were killed during the attack and commended them for their immediate response.

Kindiki, however, commented on one of the issues the government has been grappling with while dealing with terror groups, stating that some Kenyans were harbouring them including providing them with food and hosting them in their houses.

In the early morning attack on Tuesday, August 1, two people died, including the wife of Hindi MCA Kariuki Njagaa, while at least 10 others were injured.

In a statement, the Interior Ministry revealed that several victims had gone missing as most rushed into the Boni Forest.

The Ministry assured that a combined security operation of elite contingents of the National Police Service (NPS) and the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) had been deployed to address the situation.

A collage of members of the terror group during a past training session (left) and a vehicle attacked by suspected al-shabaab (right)
A collage of members of the terror group during a past training session (left) and a vehicle attacked by suspected al-Shabaab (right)
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