Foreigner's Harassment in Kenya Captures Attention in Taiwan

Taiwanese traveller Gigi who volunteers as a teacher in Oloitokitok
Taiwanese traveller Gigi who volunteers as a teacher in Oloitokitok.
Torres Pit

The harassment of a Taiwanese girl volunteering as a teacher in Oloitokitok, Kajiado County, by Kenyan youth has drawn sharp criticism in her native land.

In a video shared by a Hong Kong-based vlogger, Torres Pit, the volunteer, identified as Gigi, shared a day in her life in the village where she is visiting as a solo traveller.

At Oloitokitok, she volunteered as a school teacher in exchange for accommodation and got along with her students and some of the locals, including Peter, a boda boda rider whom she considers a friend.

However, she had some less-than-pleasant interactions with some locals. 

Gigi and Torres Pit having a meal at a hotel in Kajiado
Gigi and Torres Pit having a meal at a hotel in Kajiado.
Torres Pit

For instance, she was allegedly trailed by drunk youth on two separate occasions, experiences she found to be concerning.

"Yes, I was alert. He was the only person who made me alert. For a second I thought something bad might happen," she narrated.

Peter, who appears in the video clip that has been watched over 432,000 times in 24 hours, jumped to her defence and waded off the stalker.

"Gigi is a very good girl. She is my friend and is very social," stated Peter.

Thaiger, an online outlet based in Taiwan, reported that the clip caused a heated debate on social media sites in the East Asian country.

“I still feel that it’s quite dangerous. The world has more dangerous people than you can imagine," lamented one user.

“Why does it seem so dangerous there? Is Kenya really that dangerous?” Questioned another.

The outlet verified that Gigi addressed the concerns by reassuring that she does not wander the streets alone but is always accompanied by her friends.  

She also made new friends after residing in Kajiado for more than six months.

Below is the video:

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