Police Ordered to Recover Cars Acquired Using Crime Proceeds

Cars parked in Nairobi City.
Cars parked in Nairobi City.
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The High Court sitting in Nairobi has directed the police to recover six new cars and motorbikes from their owners following an application made by the  Assets Recovery Agency.

In orders contained in the latest gazette notice,  the Deputy Registrar of the Nairobi Anti Corruption and Economic Crimes Division, Alice Mate, directed that the vehicles be repossessed from 7 individuals suspected to have purchased the automobiles using proceeds of crime.

Among the car models earmarked for repossession include; a Toyota Mark X, 3 Subaru Foresters and a Subaru Impreza.

All the vehicles bear the KD number plate series, indicating that they were purchased recently.

Milimani Law Courts
Milimani Law Courts that hosts a number of courts within the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

The 5 motorcycles earmarked for seizure are Bajaj Boxer models.

While issuing the orders, the Court directed two police officers duly authorized by the Agency Director to seize the vehicles and hand them over to the agency.

The Court further issued orders restraining the owners from selling, transferring, or disposing the automobiles.

"That an order be and is hereby issued directing the Respondents and Interested Parties being the respective registered or beneficial owners of the motor vehicles and motorcycles listed under order 2 above to deliver or surrender to the applicant the original logbooks of the motor vehicles and motorcycles within seven (7) days of service of this order.

"That an order be and is hereby issued directing the Director General, National Transport and Safety Authority to register caveats against the records of each motor vehicle and motorcycles specified under order 2 above," read the statement in part.

The seven respondents were also cautioned against contravening the orders issued by the Court which warned them that they risk a six-month jail term for disobeying the directives.

The preservation orders granted by the Court shall be enforced for a period of 90 days in line with the Crimes and Anti-Money Laundering Act.

As per the court records the case will be mentioned on January 22.

An image of citizens getting services at NTSA offices
An image of citizens getting services at NTSA offices on February 17, 2019.
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