Landlord Flees After Confrontation With Armed Gang Hiding in His House

Police officers at a scene in a previous incident
Police officers conducting a raid at Apartments in Nairobi County in February 2019.

A landlord in Busia County was forced to flee for safety after he found an armed gang hiding in his house located in the Namalo area.

Per a police report obtained by, the intruders had entered the residence forcefully, seeking refuge from the heavy rains.

At that specific time, the landlord's son who stays at the home was not at the residence as he was away attending to some personal business in Kisumu County.

A photo of the Busia Police Station.
A photo of the Busia Police Station.
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However, a neighbour noticed the three strange men forcing their way into the house and alerted the landlord of the situation.

Upon receiving the news, the landlord flanked by his neighbour rushed to the house to confront the intruders whom they found relaxing while warming themselves with a jiko which they had lit.

When the landlord asked what the intruders were doing in the house, they responded by stating that they were businessmen who sought shelter from the rains.

Offended by that response, the landlord demanded to see what the trio had carried inside their bags, which they declined.

As soon as this happened, the landlord reached out for his phone to contact the area chief but one of the gang members snatched the phone.

The gang suspected that the landlord was about to expose their whereabouts.

This resulted in a scuffle between the trio. During this moment, the gang brandished two rifles including an AK 47, from the bag.  

Fearing for their lives, the landlord and the neighbour scampered for safety.

"The trio then made their way towards Wanga Hills leaving behind an Arafat scarf red-white checked, a maroon T-shirt and a note titled 'Naam Assalam Walaikum Ikhwan Fi LLAH," read part of the report.

The scene was visited by the Sub-County Police Commander (SCPC) and the Sub-County Criminal Investigations Officer (SCCIO) who processed the scene for fingerprint analysis.

The items left by the gang were seized as exhibits.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the rifles belonged to an officer attached to Siaya County who was robbed and subsequently killed in a past incident.

The officers have since launched investigations to locate and arrest the gang. 

An Image of a police station.
A police station in Kenya in a photo dated 2021
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