4 Tasks To Prioritize Before Leaving Office for December Break

A photo of an office
A photo of an office
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Heading out of the office for the December break can pose a challenge for many. Usually, there is a surge of excitement as everyone eagerly anticipates a refreshing time with their families and loved ones. 

Traditionally, you'd find a stack of papers strewn on the floor, unlocked drawers and empty bottles of ink discarded into the trash bin. 

Despite the shift to digital work making the process more streamlined, it is still important to cross-check your checklist before leaving the office for the December festivities. 

Complete Pending Tasks

Kenyans.co.ke digital journalist John Mbati at work
Kenyans.co.ke digital journalist John Mbati using a laptop at work on January 6, 2021.

It goes without saying that everyone in the team shares the same anticipation for the break. Avoid passing additional work to others, as you are better off ensuring that you handle all your pending tasks to avoid distractions in the next few weeks. 

You could also inform your colleagues about the status of ongoing projects and any important information they may need while you are away in case the task cannot be completed at the time of your leave.

Organise Your Desk

Your desk might be stuffed with what may range from work equipment, and documents to personal items. It would be generous of you to ensure that everything is arranged well before you leave. 

According to Liz Wairimu, a Human Resource Specialist, employees are used to leaving their work machines on without necessarily considering that the equipment may not be needed during their absence. 

She reiterates that it is highly essential that they learn to unplug electronic equipment to not only save energy but also to eliminate potential risks.

While leaving the office for the December holiday, it is also wise to carry personal items with you and remember to back up important files to leave the workspace organised and perfect for your return.

Ensure you communicate with your team and leave behind contact information through which you can be reached. While the break is meant to break a leg and have a little fun, emergency work can pop up from time to time. 

It is also important to stay in the loop in case there are ongoing projects in the office. Being reachable shows reliability and ensures you stay in the loop with ongoing projects. 

Update Calendar and Schedule

Liz insists that in all her years of practice, she has always prioritised updating her work calendar and schedule. 

She states that this helps her and the team to easily keep track of operations around the office. 

"Updating the work calendar and your schedule makes it easy for you to keep track of work while also enabling each member of your team to be updated on any minor changes that might occur, like your absence," she stated. 

Family and friends toasting drinks at home
Family and friends toasting drinks at home