Matatu Crashes After Running Over Cyclist Along Thika Road

A bus involved in accident
A photo collage of an accident scene involving a matatu along Thika Road
Sikika Road Safety

A PSV overturned near the National Youth Service (NYS) along Thika Road after it knocked down and killed a cyclist. 

Speaking to Nairobi Traffic Police Commander Vitalis Otieno confirmed the Saturday morning incident, attributing the accident to brake failures. 

Otieno added that the cyclist was the only fatality that was recorded. 

''The passenger vehicle was heading to town, and the reports are that the vehicle's brakes jammed and the motorist who was hit has succumbed,'' the commander stated.

Bus Involved In  Accident
An accident scene involving a matatu along Thika Road
Sikika Road Safety

However, six passengers who were aboard the bus sustained minor injuries. 

''Yes, the vehicle was carrying passengers, and six of them sustained injuries, but they were slight injuries,'' he added.

Concurrently, another accident was recorded along the Southern Bypass, where a trailer overturned.

Police were yet to ascertain the cause of the accident. However, they confirmed that no fatalities or casualties were recorded. 

On Thursday, December 14, Interior PS Raymond Omollo urged motorists and other road users to exercise caution while travelling during the December festivities.

The PS warned that El Nino rains had impaired visibility, alongside fog that has been witnessed in some parts of the country.

"The Ministry calls on all drivers to be conscientious road users, demonstrating care and consideration for the well-being of everyone sharing the highways," PS Omollo urged. 

"With the El Nino floods still upon us, the public is advised to stay informed, through the National El Niño Emergency & Disaster Response Command Centre, about weather conditions and cut-off roads to plan journeys accordingly and avoid unnecessary frustrations," the PS added.

Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Mary Omari further reiterated that all vehicles will be required to travel at 100 kilometres per hour on highways during the festivities. 

"The speed limit in Kenya is 100 km/hr on a highway and only 110 km/hr on Thika Super Highway. If you are approaching a built-up area, reduce to 50 km/hr, and if you are approaching a school, the limit is 30 km/hr," Omari explained. 

Thika Road, Nairobi. FACEBOOK
Vehicles plying the Thika Super Highway in Nairobi County on March 6, 2020.
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