Kinyoro MCA Andrew Kibet Heckled at Funeral in Trans Nzoia While Defending President Ruto

A photo of President William Ruto
A photo of President William Ruto

Kinyoro Member of County Assembly Andrew Kibet from Trans Nzoia County was heckled during a funeral on Saturday while defending President William Ruto's policies.

Kibet had just taken to the stage where he drummed up support for the Kenya Kwanza regime. However, things did not go as planned as the residents started shouting him down asking the politician to leave the podium. 

The trajectory events had taken prompted the MC to intervene but this did not do anything to calm the irate residents who were determined to see the politician leave the meeting.

"It is my work to protect my President. MP Caleb Amisi (Saboti)respect the President of Kenya," the defiant MCA stated while directing his anger at Saboti MP Caleb Amisi.

Kibet attacked area leaders whom he accused of bad-mouthing Ruto and ruining the Head of State's reputation among locals. The MCA, in particular, called out Amisi for this.

Kinyoro MCA Andrew Kibet (left) and President William Ruto (right) talking in February 2022
Kinyoro MCA Andrew Kibet (left) and President William Ruto (right) talking in February 2022
Andrew Kibet

He emphasised that Ruto is the President and must be respected. This remark irked the locals who cut his speech short.

One of the leaders stood up and was seen throwing his hands into the air in disappointment forcing the MCA to direct insults at his direction.

"I am the President's MCA, sit down and let me finish my speech," Kibet remarked.

Meanwhile, those in the background could be heard accusing the MCA of failing to be honest about the State of the Nation, particularly the health of the country's economy.

On his part, Saboti MP Amisi accused the MCA of attacking him. 

Amisi added that Kibet arrived at the scene with a group of rowdy youth to disrupt the function.

"The people of Saboti have told those being sent by the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) to frustrate me to try everywhere. Trying to mobilise and incite a peace-loving community against me will not work," he stated.

Amisi had earlier warned President Ruto against giving false promises to the people of Saboti.

Meanwhile, Kibet is among the several politicians who have been booed on stage while defending the government.

In December, EAC Cabinet Secretary Peninah Malonza was heckled by residents of Kitui Central while explaining measures taken by President Ruto to rectify the economic situation and lower the cost of living.

The residents told her to sit down arguing that the government had failed to keep its promises made to the voters who helped propel President William Ruto to power.

In the one year since the Kenya Kwanza government took over, some of the leaders have faced a hostile audience across the country with Kenyans disappointed with Ruto's unfulfilled promises.

Cabinet Secretary of East African Community (EAC) Peninah Malonza.
Cabinet Secretary of East African Community (EAC) Peninah Malonza.