Step-By-Step Guide on How to Change a Business Name on eCitzen Portal

Business Registration Services (BSR) Company offices in Nairobi.
Business Registration Services (BSR) Company offices in Nairobi.
Business Registration Services

Little known to many, one can change their official business name for only Ksh 4,200 on the new eCitizen portal.

Whether it pertains to an organisation or an individual business, there are various reasons why one might opt to change their official business name.

This could entail a change in ownership, mergers and acquisitions, the consolidation of multiple companies into one entity, or simply a desire to streamline the name for rebranding purposes, among others.

To facilitate this process, here is a guide on how you can accomplish it from the comfort of your home or office.

A photo of the eCitizen platform relaunch at KICC on June 30, 2023.

Step-by-step guide

Log in to eCitizen then select 'Business Registration Services' (BRS).

Click View under the "My Businesses' section of the dashboard.

Select the company you would like to change the name of.

Click on 'Maintain a company' then Select 'Make Application'.

In the drop-down click 'Change business particulars'.

Before you key in the preferred name and to avoid duplicating another company's name,  apply a name search and pay Ksh 150.

Once you are sure of the name, key it in and the particulars then hold on. Before submitting the details, you need to accompany it with official signed documents.

To do this, open another tab, and log in to the BRS website.

Under downloads, click forms/regulations then go to the company registry.

Download file Form CR 15 (Notice of change of name) and CR 19 (Notice of special/ Ordinary Resolution) to file the change of name.

Upload the signed forms in your eCitizen portal and pay Ksh 4,050, for the change of name.

What next

Once you have submitted the payment and the signed forms, you will need to wait for the approval and notification of the name change, a process that can take up to five days.

BRS, or Business Registration Service, is a government body solely mandated as the custodian of a comprehensive list of all companies and information for entities registered in Kenya.

Entrance to the Companies Registry Building in Nairobi.
Entrance to the Companies Registry Building in Nairobi.