New Trick Con Artists Are Using to Fleece Mobile Money Agents

An image of a person conducting a mobile money transfer
An image of a person conducting a mobile money transfer

A new scam involving con artists impersonating mobile money company officials to defraud mobile money agents has been uncovered by local residents following a botched attempt.

On Thursday, an alleged female con artist was captured in Makongeni Thika after being caught in the act. She had saved an accomplice's contact using the official communication company's number to deceive unsuspecting agents.

The woman received a call from her accomplice while at the mobile money agent's stall, where they attempted to withdraw money from the agent's operating phone under false pretences.

However, the agent outsmarted the woman and uncovered the trick before they could withdraw any money and make away with the funds.

Forged ID cards and simcards recovered by the police.
Forged ID cards and simcards recovered by the police.

Residents of the area, state that the woman is part of a cartel that has been terrorising mobile money agents in the area, where they recently managed to rob Ksh300,000 from one unsuspecting agent.

In a video seen by the agent forced the lady to call back the accomplice to ascertain his identity, a move that the lady attempted to sabotage.

The lady declined to give details of her identity or where she schooled after claiming that she was a student.

However, her accomplice confessed that he was imprisoned and was making a call from the prison facility.

The lady further pleaded with the agents who had held her hostage not to parade her through online channels and instead report her at a police station.

Additionally, she attempted to justify her actions stating that no one would understand her situation and why she attempted to con the facility.

Incidences of mobile money theft have increased in the recent past, with con artists devising new ways to con unsuspecting Kenyans.

Earlier this month, on February 7, a woman was arraigned in court after failing to refund Ksh392,000 which had been transferred to her mobile money agent number mistakenly by a bank official.  

The woman was charged with illegally withholding the money and was released on a Ksh100,000 cash bail pending a hearing scheduled for April 5 this year.

A person using a mobile phone
A person using a mobile phone.



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