Sakaja Begins Crackdown on Matatus After Meeting With Owners

A matatu stage in Nairobi (left) and Governor Johnson Sakaja.
A matatu stage in Nairobi (left) and Governor Johnson Sakaja.
Johnson Sakaja

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has announced a crackdown targeting matatus that park along city roads while picking up passengers.

Speaking in a meeting with matatu owners on Saturday, the Governor noted that the vice was ruining Nairobi City's image.

Using Tom Mboya Street as an example, he noted that the county had built cabros and planted flowers which were being destroyed by the brazen behaviour of some matatu operators.

"We have matatus parked in the middle of Tom Mboya Street, please find your way out and that is the way it is. You cannot turn this place into a mess," he stated.

Matatu Strike
Matatu drivers stage strike in Nairobi Central Business District on March 5, 2014.
Nairobi Life

"We have constructed cabro and planted flowers. Let me find your vehicle in the middle of the road, you will have to forgive me."

The former Senator further noted that the crackdown will kick off immediately.

Matatu Owners Association (MOA) chairman Albert Karakacha, who was in attendance, agreed to support the governor's efforts in restoring sanity in Nairobi CBD.

He further called on the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to stop giving licenses to more Saccos arguing that it should work with those already in the market to streamline services.

"We are urging him if possible going forward, he needs to push all companies and Saccos together and to see how we can iron out the problems which the saccos are facing. 

"We are going to support him fully since Nairobi is a capital city and we need to make sure it is clean," Karakacha stated.

Sakaja had also directed all outlets selling wines and spirits at bus stages across the city to close their shops.

He blamed illegal sale of alcohol for increasing the number of fatalities reported across Kenyan roads as outlined in a report published by NTSA.

In 2023, NTSA reported that road accidents claimed the lives of 4,324 Kenyans. Pedestrians and motorcyclists were the most affected. 

According to the report, 1,591 pedestrians died in the accidents while 1,133 motorcyclists lost their lives

Most of the accidents were reported to have taken place between 7-9 pm.  A total of 1,100 fatalities were recorded during this window.

NTSA mounts a roadblock along a Kenyan Road on April 8, 2023.
NTSA mounts a roadblock along a Kenyan Road on April 8, 2023.
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