Citizen TV Reshuffles Journalists After Converging Sports Department

Reporter and videographer Steve Shitera and show host Jimoi Zitah and Isaac Swila-Tijan at Royal Media Services.
Reporter and videographer Steve Shitera, show host Jimoi Zitah and Head of RMS Sports Center Isaac Swila-Tijan at Royal Media Services.

Royal Media Services (RMS) has implemented changes to its sports desk, including appointments and reorganization of staff members within the Sports reporting department.

In a memo dated February 27, as seen by, the Group Editorial Director and Head of Strategy at RMS, Linus Kaikai, announced the changes, stating that the organization was on a mission to streamline the sports department.

The changes entail a series of appointments and reshuffles, alongside the creation of a new consolidated Sports Platform named RMS Sports Centre, aimed at integrating all sports coverage within the stations.

“To further realize our objectives, it has become necessary to re-organize our operations and I am consequently delighted to announce the following changes,” read the memo in part.

A photo of the Citizen TV logo
A photo of the Citizen TV logo
Citizen Digital

Kaikai has since promoted Young Muthomi to the position of Managing Editor of Radio News and Sports, overseeing the RMS Sports Centre. In this role, Muthomi will be responsible for both editorial and administrative duties within the sports department.

More changes to the sports desk, reveal that Isaac Swila will be promoted and appointed the Head of RMS Sports Centre in charge of coordination of sports coverage needs across all platforms.

The Head of Strategy also announced that all content related to sports will be channelled through the RMS Sports platform.

“Sports news across our TV, Radio and Digital platforms shall be served by editors and reporters operating through and out of the RMS Sports Centre,” stated Kaikai.

According to the media house, the platform has been under development for an extended period and has undergone successful experiments.

"After several months of successful experimentation, I am pleased to announce the consolidation of the Group's sports news across all platforms and the establishment of an all-under-one sports section named the RMS Sports Centre," stated Kaikai.

These appointments and reshuffles come at a time when Citizen TV suspended a show, Shamba La Wanyama from running on its television network after its pilot episode was aired.

Additional recent changes within the media house saw two seasoned journalists, Chemutai Goin and Hassan Mugambi leave the station for jobs within the political scene. 

Outgoing Citizen TV journalist Chemutai Goin.
Outgoing Citizen TV journalist Chemutai Goin.
Chemutai Goin