Kisii Police Hunt Matatu Driver After High-Speed Crash

A screengrab of the car involved in the crash on Saturday, April 13.
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Kisii County police have initiated an extensive manhunt for a matatu driver who evaded capture after crashing his vehicle during a high-speed chase on Kisii-Keroka Road in the early hours of Saturday, April 13.

The incident, which involved a suspiciously driven matatu carrying a large quantity of marijuana, began when patrol officers attempted to intercept the vehicle after noting its erratic behaviour. The driver, however, accelerated away, initiating a pursuit.

According to Kisii police, the matatu was transporting 14 stacks of marijuana destined for Nakuru. "He had 14 stacks, as you can see, stacked like brooms, suspected to be cannabis sativa, or 'bhang,' which we suspect came from Nairobi, Nakuru, or Naivasha," stated the police commander during a press briefing.

The chase escalated when the driver turned onto a feeder road, in an attempt to lose the police. However, he lost control of the matatu and crashed into a ditch. 

Although the vehicle was severely damaged, the driver managed to flee the scene before officers could apprehend him.

"Police were in hot pursuit of the driver until he lost control and crashed. He managed to escape, but we will catch him. Very professionally and very soon," assured the police.

A screengrab of the crashed car and alleged stacks of marijuana was nabbed on Saturday, April 13.
The Standard

This chase is part of a broader issue within the region. Just six months prior, Kisii County Police Commander Charles Kasses had initiated an investigation following allegations of police involvement in the transport of 588 kilograms of marijuana.

Commander Kasses noted that despite ongoing investigations, conclusive evidence regarding police complicity had yet to be found. "We are yet to get factual information on the said police officers," he commented.

During the incident, police nabbed a vehicle carrying 189 kilograms of marijuana that broke down in Moticho Ward, South Mugirango. 

The occupants had then made a distress call, which led to a further discovery of another vehicle in the convoy containing 399 kilograms of the drug. A third vehicle, a double cabin, towed the broken-down car.

The street value of these consignments has not yet been determined, but the recent incident on Kisii-Keroka Road indicates a persistent drug trafficking problem in the region.

"The driver of the vehicle managed to escape, but officers are in pursuit, looking for him. He can run, but he cannot hide. We shall catch up with him, putting him in custody and processing him very professionally and very soon," the police added.

Local authorities are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities. Community leaders have also been called upon to cooperate with law enforcement to curb the illegal drug trade, which poses a significant threat to the youth of the region.

Police officers and their landcruiser at a past crime scene
Police officers and their Landcruiser at a past crime scene
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