Atheists In Kenya Mocked After Pleading for Financial Support

  • The Atheists in Kenya (AIK) came under fierce attack after pleading for financial support from the public.

    On its twitter handle, @AtheistsInKenya, the anti-God group asked Kenyans to help it raise a whopping Sh350,000 in a bid to counter a Government decision to suspend it.

    "Help us raise KShs 350,000/= / USD 3, 500 legal fees toward our HIGH COURT PETITION against the Government for suspending us. DM US," AIK tweeted.

    The plea was not taken kindly by Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) who sharply criticised the organization.

    Some told the group to make sure it has money before claiming that there is no God while others sarcastically asked them to call on the devil in their moment of trouble.

    Still, others gave them mocking solutions to raise the legal fee.

    In July last year, Attorney General Githu Muigai suspended the registration of the Atheist Society.

    "We want to express shock and surprise at the decision by the Office of the Attorney General, through the Deputy Registrar Mrs Muluku Kariuku to suspend the Atheists in Kenya Society. We collected this letter on the 10th June, 2016 through postal mail, despite the fact that the letter was dated April 29, 2016," AIK informed its members.

    The suspension came after a Christian lobby threatened to sue the AG for registering 'people who do not believe in God'. Muigai noted that the society would remain suspended until all the legal questions around the legitimacy of the group are addressed by the Supreme Court.