Audio: Hilarious Prank on Safaricom Customer Care

  • A rare audio clip of a Safaricom customer who called the Telecommunication Service Provider to simply send his greetings has caught the attention of many on social media.

    The caller, Arnold Afuya, decided to call Safaricom to simply cheer himself up because he was feeling low and bored.

    “I was feeling so bored and very low and to cheer myself, I decided to call Safaricom Customer Care and just tell them any crazy thing which will come to my mind. They put me on hold for four minutes.” Afuya said.

    When he was finally connected to a customer care agent, Afuya is heard asking why he was put on hold for almost four minutes then goes ahead to reveals that he simply wanted to greet 'Safaricom'.

    A hilarious Afuya also enquires on how the agent's valentine day was going.

    He further tells the agent that he will be visiting Safaricom to file his complaint for being put on hold for a long time.

    Afuya concludes the whimsical phone call by telling her to greet everybody including those working at the gate and kitchen.

    The agent on her part handled the conversation quite well and assured Afuya that they had received his greetings and he was welcomed to visit the company.

    In an interview with Radio Jambo, Afuya said that he was shocked at how his audio clip, which he only shared with a few of his friends, had gone viral.

    He added that he was also pleased by how the lady handled the whole conversation.

    “I admire how the lady handled the situation. Even though I was saying silly things and repeating myself, she was very patient and maintained a serious and professional tone. Simply said she knows her work well and if I were to meet her, I would ask her why she did not ask me if I had a query on any Safaricom service such as M-Pesa and the likes,” Afuya was quoted by

    Afuya's move amused many as customers only call to complain or seek for answers but never to greet the person on the other end.

    Listen to the clip courtesy of Radio Jambo: