Communities Fight Over Boda-Boda Rider

  • A fierce clash was witnessed at the Isiolo and Meru County border, on Friday morning, following the death of a boda-boda operator.

    Locals from the Borana community are said to have come out up in arms ganging up to steal motorcycles belonging to residents from the Meru community.

    The incident reportedly degenerated into a fracas that saw shops and property looted before police came in to save the situation.

    It is alleged that the Boranas were acting in retaliation after the kiling of the boda-boda operator, who was a borana, on Thursday night.

    The locals engaged police in running battles prompting the use tear gas to calm the situation.

    This came as a latest clash between the two communities, with reports indicating that a feud has been existing amongst the two regions.

    On Wednesday and Thursday, the two communities clashed in the streets over alleged insecurity in the area. 

    Igembe North OCPD Peter Kimani noted that tension remained high in the area, following protests that led to closure of roads and businesses.

    According to a Nation report, tension has been building in the region following conflict centered around, cattle rustling, contention over grazing land and insecurity.