Driver Jumps From Speeding Nairobi Train

  • By Marikio Muchiri on Thursday, 11 February 2016 - 9:35am
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  • Kenya Railways officials and police officers witnessed a rare occurrence after spending the better part of Wednesday evening trailing a train engine that reportedly sped off without a driver for more than 10 kilometres.

    The incident happened at Makadara station when the train's brakes failed and began speeding towards Githurai, forcing the driver and an engineer to jump off, leaving the machine unmanned.

    Police and the driver resorted to chasing the engine while hooting to warn pedestrians and motorists along the railway track to take caution.

    According to witnesses, the train kept on gaining momentum amid the hot pursuit by the officers before it stalled at a sloppy area near Mwiki.

    Confirming the incident, Railway Commandant Kirimi Ringera expressed delight that the train didn't cause any havoc along the way.

    “It was a relief because it stalled without causing damage to property or injuring anybody. We feared it could ram into a car or veer off and land on houses and cause serious damages,” said Ringera.

    This comes amid rising number of accidents happening across the country with more than 20 fatalities recorded in the past one week.

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