Duale in Fresh Trouble over 1982 Coup Remarks on Retired President Daniel Moi

  • By Mary Kulundu on Wednesday, 11 January 2017 - 9:02am
    Trouble continues
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  • National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale has found himself at the centre of controversy once again following a speech he delivered at the burial of veteran politician Mark Too on Monday.

    This time, Mr Duale has irked strong supporters of retired President Daniel Moi who noted that his remarks were disrespectful to the former Head of State.

    During his speech and in remarks directed to Baringo Senator Gideon Moi, the Majority Leader said: “Sisi kama jamii ya wafugaji tulimbeba baba yako kwa mgongo kwa miaka mingi. Mimi ule mzee nimeoa msichana wake General Mohammed, alitoa baba yako kwa kichaka 1982 Coup (We as the pastoralists supported your father’s presidency for many years. My father-in-law personally carried your father Moi from the bushes during the 1982 Coup). It's now your turn to support Mr Ruto's bid.”

    KANU Rift Valley Coordinator Jonathan Bii told off Duale warning him to keep off the region, adding that they would not tolerate any person wanting to divide the Kalenjins.

    "We were enraged to hear that you can talk so recklessly before Kenyans on National Television that General Mohammed picked Moi from the bushes. Those are statements that have no respect meant to divide locals and the leaders," Bii told journalists.

    At the burial, Duale also noted that the Baringo Senator's KANU Party would not get any seats in the Rift Valey region.

    "Jubilee will do free and fair nominations. So, Gideon Moi you have no chance there particularly in Rift Valley. If you think we will have unscrupulous dealing and you can sneak in to get seats you are wrong" Duale stated.

    The KANU leaders are demanding an immediate apology from the legislator.

    Meanwhile, the Garissa Township MP is embroiled in a tussle over an audio clip linked to him which calls for the eviction of the Kamba community from Garissa County.

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