Eritrea Denies Causing President Kenyatta's Aircraft Return to Kenya

  • Mystery continues to surround the exact reason behind President Uhuru Kenyatta's aborted  trip to the US.

    The Eritrean Government which had earlier been alleged to have denied airspace to the Presidential aircraft has denied the claims.

    According to Eritrean Embassy spokesman Beyene Russom the Eritrean Government had allowed the President to fly over its territory on the night his plane flew back to Nairobi last week.

    President Kenyatta’s plane was forced to make a U-turn  midair, en route to Dubai, April 23 where he was to take a commercial flight to Los Angeles, US, for the annual Milken Institute Global Conference.

    The presidency had earlier attributed the aborted trip to  “increased military activity in Yemen”.

    Kenyatta who later canceled the trip addressed the meeting Wednesday, via video-link from the Sagana State Lodge.

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    Image of President Uhuru Kenyatta