EXPOSED: Nairobi Taxi Drivers Plan War on Uber Drivers

  • Taxi drivers in Nairobi, who are in partnership with US tech firm Uber, are under siege from other taxi operators who claim that Uber is driving them out of business owing to their cheap rates.

    WhatsApp messages making rounds on social media from alleged taxi drivers (named Kenya United Cabs) have highlighted how the operators were plotting to viciously get rid of the Uber drivers.

    In one of the messages, a driver suggests to those on the group to download Uber's mobile application and request for the cabs, once inside the vehicle pour old oil on the car seats.

    Another suggestion was to call in the cabs, then switch off their mobile phones immediately after making the request.

    The war against the drivers in Nairobi came to light a few weeks ago when incidents of attacks were reported.

    Speaking to, one of the Uber drivers, confirmed that operators at Valley Arcade have several times been attacked especially when dropping off passengers.

    Uber is a mobile ride request company founded in 2009 which seeks to seamlessly connect passengers to drivers.

    It has so far been launched in hundreds of cities around the world.

    Uber has faced rejection in other countries around the globe including; South Africa, US, France among others, owing to its  pricing. The US based firm charges are hinged on a metering gauge that charges users for every kilometre covered - meaning every trip is openly priced, removing the need for negotiating each trip.

    Here is the conversation on WhatsApp: