Ezekiel Mutua Now Links School Burning to Alcohol Adverts

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Officer Ezekiel Mutua has immensely been criticised for linking the ongoing student unrests to alcohol adverts in the media.

According to Mutua, students behind the rampant arson attacks were acting under the influence of alcohol which is promoted by exposure to alcohol adverts.

“Those burning schools are operating under the control of drugs .The country is burning and we cannot sit back as leaders and allow the youth to be influenced to use harmful substances through advertisements," said Mutua.

Speaking on Wednesday, Mutua emphasised that alcohol advertisements should be controlled to save the youth.

"I know the media is in business but we should all look at the country in the larger picture, with our children in the back of our minds," he said.

Mutua's sentiments, however, angered a section of social media users who termed his claims, outrageous.

The CEO was accused of being comical over serious national issues.

“So does that mean that we as adults should be burning the country down,”a twitter user posted.

Another user accused the controversial CEO of seeking attention by issuing controversial statements.

Over the last week, incidents of students going on rampage have been on the rise, with a Vihiga County school being the latest fire victim.

 Here are some of the reactions;

Sasa mtoto wa Ezekiel Mutua pia huwa anasimama mbele ya wenzake anasema "Daddy ameenda job"??

— Fetty Waf (@Wafunya) June 30, 2016

Without a doubt! RT @Brianmbunde: Ezekiel Mutua is funnier than Churchill

— Mike Gichohi (@Mike4rmRuai) June 30, 2016

So does that mean that we as adults should be burning the country down? Come on @EzekielMutua .. use your brains! https://t.co/PzJ50TevoG

— Naomi Mutua (@AKenyanGirl) June 30, 2016

Not sure where this @EzekielMutua gets his "facts".. again,sometimes it is better to be controversial to be noticed. https://t.co/s029A1uJas

— Mollel (@jmollel) June 30, 2016

Kenya has this group of stupid leaders who say the first thing that come to mind without any research @EzekielMutua https://t.co/Dc6ytPM1iz

— Bea Samuel (@BEAYAHUS) June 29, 2016

Teenage pregnancies in schools has connections with watching too much soap opera - Ezekiel Mutua's logic.

— Demitrious. (@LamsKenya_) June 30, 2016

They should have disbanded KFCB instead.Ezekiel Mutua is even worse.

— Lavesh (@Lavender_Andrew) June 30, 2016

@EzekielMutua needs to do his research extensively and need not say what he thinks without mere reaserch.

— Dru (@L30nM) June 30, 2016


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